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At Baybridge we understand that running your own business takes courage. We invest in our client’s endeavours and take pride in their successes. Our expert teams are equipped to assist you through the journey.

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Whatever your business needs, whether you are transacting, protecting your business, or in a dispute, we are confident we can assist you. Connect with us today to find out how we can help.

Real Estate Agent Reforms – New Real Estate Laws

 If you work in real estate, you are likely to be impacted by the reforms to the real estate licensing laws. The new legislation will be enforceable from 23 March 2020.

Our guide addresses:

  • Important dates
  • What agent license you will be rolled into and what license you may need
  • Corporation Licenses and Licensees in Charge
  • What to do when the Licensee in Charge is unavailable
  • A checklist of actions you need to take to prepare
  • New rules of conduct to understand
  • Maximum penalties


Download our Information Guide today to learn what changes you may need to make.

Franchising Services

Franchising can be an exciting and profitable endeavour for both franchisor and franchisee. But the process of setting up and maintaining a franchise can be daunting. A franchise agreement forms the core of the relationship between the two parties, so it’s important that it’s constructed fairly and legally.

At Baybridge, our lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with both sides of the equation; existing businesses looking to build a national presence and individuals seeking to secure their first franchised offering. We understand the requirements and concerns of both parties and can help you build a strong happy relationship that will benefit everybody for years to come.

Learn More

Real Estate Agency Services
We provide regular assistance to real estate agencies in dealing with a variety of different problems and issues both industry-specific (property transactions, rent rolls, retail and private lease agreements, subleases) and relating to general business operations (mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, hiring and terminating agents. We also understand that lease agreements can be a complex undertaking for even the most experienced businesses. Our real estate team can help you in navigating the complex and daunting language of lease agreements, and work with you at each step of the process to ensure you get a clear and favourable deal. Learn More
Litigation Services
When civil or commercial disputes develop and litigation is required, timing is everything. Having the right team on board from the start will help to ensure that everything moves forward as clearly and quickly as possible, and the best outcome is achieved. Baybridge is adept at handling your litigation issues whatever the size or problem, from small disputes to Supreme Court matters. We have the resources and backing of a large firm while being able to offer the care and attention of a boutique firm. Whether a dispute has already commenced or you just want an added layer of protection, our team of litigation lawyers is ready to help. Learn More
Intellectual Property Services
Intellectual property is the cornerstone of many businesses. It’s what gives businesses their unique identity and differentiates them from the competition. Protecting your intellectual property, copyrights, and brand identity through trademarks is crucial to the success of your business. Our team of intellectual property lawyers at Baybridge have specialist skills and experience tailored to helping you to protect and defend your company’s property through licensing, registration, and enforcement, both in the physical and digital worlds. Learn More
Mergers and Acquisitions Services
Mergers and acquisitions can be a great way to grow your business, but they can also be complex and confusing even when dealing with small businesses. At Baybridge, our mergers and acquisitions team are experts at helping you negotiate each step from planning to execution. We work with brokers, agents, stakeholders, and financiers to ensure that the process of executing your merger or acquisition is completed with the necessary due diligence and attention to detail, in an efficient and co-operative manner. Learn More

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MARKET WATCH: Should I Register my Franchise on the Franchise Disclosure Registry? 

More information has been released on the much-anticipated Franchise Disclosure Register and on 1 April 2022 the Franchising Code of Conduct was amended (yet again) to insert a new clause 53 to deal with the Franchise Disclosure Register. Announced as part of the Federal Government’s 2021-22 Budget, the Franchise Disclosure Register aims to assist potential franchisees during the due diligence process, by creating a publicly available source of information, before a franchise agreement is entered into.

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