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Our expert team is here to assist you with all your litigation needs and provide support through the

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Trusted by some of Australia’s most successful brands

Personal support from our senior litigation team

When we work with you, our relationship isn’t a transaction. You receive dedicated, personal support from our senior legal team, with a deeper level of understanding and service than you might find in other top tier firms.

Over 25 years of experience

Our combined experience extends over 40 years, working with a special selection of businesses, CEOs, and stakeholders, in Australia and internationally. You can trust that our premium advice is based on highly-developed skills and experience that we’ve built as a firm.

No Hidden Costs

Disputes are stressful enough, so we make it easy for you by ensuring you are well informed of the costs associated throughout the process. You get piece of mind that your case is being handled with reasonable costs.

Experts in commercial and common law, our litigation team has an impressive track record of delivering successful outcomes for our clients.

Everyone deserves to be heard, so whether it’s through dispute resolution, or handling complex, multi-million-dollar Supreme Court proceedings, we guide you smoothly through the litigation process.

Get Sydney’s litigation experts on your side


Our team are masters at their trade, providing you with the best representation both inside and outside the courtroom. Skills orators and excellent writers, we help you navigate the complexities of your case with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

So whether you’re already involved in a dispute, or you’re anticipating a civil or commercial dispute, or expert team is here to look after your interests.

A boutique level of service


When you partner with us you get the best of both legal worlds—top-tier firm expertise, with boutique firm service. Because we’re selective about our clients, which means you receive a higher level of service than what you would normally find in a top-tier law firm.

You can trust that our expert advisors strive to provide reliable, actionable advice and guidance for each one of our clients, and partner with you to help you achieve the outcome you’re aiming for.

Why Us?

Solution oriented

Disputes generally arise when you least expect it, they are distracting, time consuming and costly on any business.

We have addressed many disputes on behalf of our clients. Our first objective is to identify a resolution that can be achieved, if it is unlikely to eventuate we represent our clients to the full extent of the law in court. We see litigation as absolutely the last resort.

Experienced Dispute Lawyers

We are best engaged as soon as the likelihood of dispute arising. It is important we are involved from the early stages to setup your strategy to achieve the best outcome possible. You will get an experienced dispute lawyer to work with you and to represent you in direct negotiations, mediation or any other alternative dispute resolution method we think might resolve the dispute.

Attention to costs

Costs are always a factor in resolving any form of dispute and having a clear understanding of the expected costs is our priority. We aim to work on fixed fees where we are able to and advise accordingly. The objective is always to achieve a favourable outcome that exceeds your costs.

Are you in a franchise or business dispute?

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How we work with you


Step 1



Get in touch with us to organise a consultation. This is where we determine whether our litigation services are the right fit for your needs. We’ll then outline the options available to you, and discuss the possible outcomes of your case.


Step 2



We send you a retainer that outlines the costs associated with our services, and details each individual stage of your matter.


Step 3



We provide our ongoing advice and support to determine the most effective strategy that will resolve your dispute quickly, and in a cost-effectively manner.


Step 4



Sometimes issues simply can’t be resolved. If this is the case, we begin preparation for litigation on your behalf.


Step 5


We guide your matter through the litigation process, and deliver effective litigation services to achieve a favourable outcome.

A team that’s dedicated to your success

Located in Sydney’s CBD, we’re a corporate and commercial firm with a strong focus on franchising, trademarks, and dispute resolution and litigation. Comprising Baybridge Lawyers, we provide interconnected legal, strategic, and advisory services to a range of commercial and private clients both, nationally and abroad. With unrivalled local knowledge as well as a proven track record, we support our clients no matter where you are.

Our team brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, skill, and real-world experience in optimising business opportunities. We work with you to understand and analyse your issues, objectives, and markets to take full advantage of your opportunities at hand. Because we understand that running your own business takes courage— so our team is 100% invested in your endeavours, and we take pride in your success.

Our successful clients

We choose to work with the best, and we want you to join us. Here are just some of the leading brands we’ve helped achieve success.

“Blake has an enormous range of experience dealing with relatively simple matters to very complex matters spanning several areas of law. He delivers timely, concise and considered advice taking into account a number of key factors including Time, Cost, and Effectiveness. His personal style is very conducive to building a very honest, open and enjoyable client relationship. I would not hesitate to engage Baybridge Lawyers and Blake in the future should the need arise”

Shaun Trumbull

Baybridge have helped support and grow the Top Juice brand to where it is today. They have an excellent team of professionals and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for franchising experts.”

Top Juice

“Working with the Baybridge Legal and Advisory teams has been exceptional. Down to earth and personable professionals guiding us on all aspects of our business and growth of the ZSG brand.The entire group of stakeholders at ZSG have bought into the expertise and experience the Baybridge team provide allowing us to focus on the things we do best..”

Costa Anastasiadis
Director, Zeus Street Greek

“As a company we were looking for a well respected firm with strong ties to franchising. Baybridge actively support our company’s growth through their proven franchise systems and legal advice.”

Chris Mavris
General Manager, Soul Origin

“Baybridge Lawyers have been a great asset to our business. They are great to work with, good communicators, reliable and attentive.”

Joshua Nicholls
Founder & CEO, Platinum Electricians

With Baybridge Lawyers working on your side, you’re in the best of hands

Do you need a litigation lawyer on your side? Get in touch with us for a free consultation to discuss your litigation needs.

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