Lok Lok

Current Situation

Progressing at a steady pace with all three concepts of the business. Lok Lok dumpling bar x 10 stores, Lok Lok Express x 3 stores. Mamas Wok x 2 stores. Moving to state of the art kitchen, supply and logistics facility to cater to the needs of recent growth.

Future Plans

Continue moving at a steady pace increasing each concept by a number of two stores each per year. Looking at overseas expansion, addressing opportunities that have become apparent in Asia and the Middle East.


In late 2013, Nasser came across the Lok Lok flagship store in Rhodes and made contact with Ava and Andy. Lok Lok already established 8 corporate stores and were just starting to think about franchising their exciting brand.

In June 2014, the Lok Lok Dumpling Bar was established. Baybridge created a franchisee recruitment and training programme between July and August. Lok Lok brought on their first franchisee in Oct 2014.

We took the existing Lok Lok concept and developed a hybrid Lok Lok Express concept. This allowed the store to take a smaller footprint by having a refined menu and business model to cater to a larger and wider array of opportunities.

Baybridge assisted the mother company Lokvale Group in developing another brand and concept called Mamas Wok. This concept was a seated restaurant, catering to a more sophisticated pallet and experience.

A supply kitchen was set-up to cater to the growing needs of the business and increased profitability for the entire business as a whole.

In around 2009 Marwan assisted them to develop the Coco Cubano franchise documentation to take to the market. This included protecting their brand and delivering documents which would last the test of scrutiny.

In 2010/11, Marwan assisted them in signing up the first Coco Cubano franchisee.

“Working with Baybridge has been a pleasure. They are extremely professional and passionate at what they do. We know anytime we have a problem we can call and it will get solved. They continue to provide ongoing support and would highly recommend their services.”
Lok Lok

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