What is Franchising?

It is a way of delivering goods and services, under your standards, using your brand through independent operators who use their own money. In Franchising, you expand your business by licensing rights to a third party including the use of of the brand, your system and know-how. This is generally done in consideration for a licensing fee, generally know as a royalty.

We focus on all areas of franchise law, including:

  • Domestic franchising.
  • International franchising.
  • ranchise system expansion.
  • Risk minimization.
  • Legal compliance.
  • Master franchising.
  • Area development arrangements.
  • Licensing arrangements.
  • Domestic and International Distributor arrangements.

We also assist Non-Australian companies that want to:

  • Enter into alliances with Australian businesses.
  • Etablish a franchise in Australia.
  • How We Can Help You

    Our franchise law firm represents franchisors that range from experienced global franchisors to businesses that are first considering franchising. We can:

    • Help you decide whether franchising is right for you.
    • Advise you on your company structures.
    • Advise you on protecting your trade mark and attending to registration with IP Australia.
    • Advise you on sources and amounts of revenue available to you.
    • Draft your franchise documents.

    We can also assist you with issues that will arise once you become a franchisor. These issues include:

    • Negotiating and closing franchise transactions.
    • Resolving issues that arise in the day-to-day operation of your franchise system:
      • Protecting you during transfers, whether the transfers are transfers of the franchise or transfers of equity in the franchisee;
      • Enforcing your powers under the franchise documents;
      • Assisting with lease reviews and negotiations;
      • Dealing with landlords;
      • Attending to any disputes with franchisees or landlords; and
      • Other franchise legal and business issues.
    • Updating and enhancing your franchise documents to adapt to changes in franchise laws, the franchise market, and the economy.
    • Selling company-owned outlets.
    • Licensing your trademarks and technology.
    • Going global.

Why our clients choose us?

Down to earth, straight to the point advisors with nothing more than a desire to assist in building successful businesses. Our clients enjoy the benefit of working directly with the senior team, fixed fees and ability to recognise the priorities for success.

  • Getting franchise enquiries, but not sure what to do?
  • Are you experiencing rapid growth and market attention?
  • Is managing staff becoming a constant headache and time consuming?
  • Is your cash flow limited for funding future growth?
  • Have you proven your business concept?

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