Corporate Growth

Corporate Growth

To ensure the most successful and profitable outcome for your business, a model and strategy focusing on corporate growth can be planned, implemented and managed. Forecasting and analysing the current state of your business means it has the opportunity to become a more thriving and profitable version of itself.

In order for a business to grow, Baybridge will analyse your current place and position in the market, your businesses potential for development and conduct in-depth industry forecasting. We concentrate on achieving sound outcomes by measuring your business’ results, and constantly looking at the bigger picture, both in your business as well as the entire industry.

Irrespective of your businesses size or scope, we pride ourselves on offering personalized and integrated support through strategic and objective advice. So let’s meet to discuss your business, your concept and vision, your short and long term goals, limitations, competition and strategy. Let Baybridge use our vast experience to suggest appropriate strategies, innovations, business models and effective structures and policies to fast forward your corporate business venture.

Corporate Strategic Planning

Baybridge Advisory specialises in corporate strategic planning. We guide you to build a clear vision, set out your goals and objectives; plan and project manage and set up secure strategies for the short and long term goals of your business.

During the strategic planning phase we conduct a thorough business evaluation, set out competitive markets and sectors, carry out horizon planning and support you in building corporate culture and management skills. We not only look at your business but the broader market and industry as a whole. Our expert team works with you to develop strategies, as well as business forecasting to ensure maximum efficiency for your strategic operations.

We live and breathe your business goals, providing abundant support from the initial planning stages. Once we have developed your strategic plans and vision, we assist you to put in place the necessary infrastructure to allocate resources to carry out your strategy and execute these actions for your business to prosper.

Business Evaluation

An evaluation of the current state of your business, its goals, objectives, and vision need to be appraised in order for a true account of the areas of potential growth to be recognised and taken advantage of. Baybridge Advisory will put a microscope over your business and scrutinize each layer of it to boost the growth, outline opportunities and threats, identify competitiveness and profitability amongst its unique market.

Competitive Market & Sectors

While taking your business through the process of strategic planning, an understanding of your market sector and identification of your competitor framework is an important initiative and exercise to undertake in order to assist in pinpointing growth strategies and potential ways of becoming or further enhancing your leading position in the market. We actively seek to understand the marketplace and have our finger on the pulse of each industry. We use our tailored tools and techniques pushing our clients’ competitiveness and ensuring them a concrete place in the industry, now and into the future.

Horizon Planning

Balancing short and long term goals of the business through key principles allows a business to forecast and in-still plausible tactics and strategies to gain momentum through this growth period. Horizon planning provides guidance on expectations through every stage of the business’ life cycle, measuring off not just revenue, but also the entire business in a holistic manner. Baybridge Advisory will guide you in setting out clear expectations over three horizons that will be used thereafter to measure your business against and ensure we are achieving the results you desire.

Corporate Culture & Management

The beliefs and behaviours that determine how your business, your managers and employees interact is fundamental to how your business will be perceived as a whole, as well as its opportunities for corporate growth and expansion in the marketplace. We work alongside you, the business owner to develop a corporate culture at all levels of the business that will filter down through each layer of your business and allow it to thrive, boosting employee productivity and satisfaction.

Implementing your Strategic Plan

Implementing your strategic plan is different at the best of times, let alone developing a team that can meet the tasks at hand. We tailor the implementation process for your individual needs. Our expert team work to execute on your growth plan and model and in-still the necessary policies, procedures, best practices and company culture to bring your corporate growth strategy to life.

A successful growth strategy will not only have clear vision for the foundations of the business, but also have the ability to make these ideas tangible.

We believe that each component of your business is as important as the other in strengthening your organisation. During the growth and execution period we focus on sales and marketing activities, human resources management, operations and technology, production management, financials and capital funding, brand DNA and concept, succession and exit, as well as operational and tactical planning. We measure our success off your business’ success, and thoroughly cover all facets during the growth to ensure that all viable opportunities for your business are taken most advantage off.

Sales & Marketing

Behind every thriving business is a sound and secure sales and marketing plan. By communicating the value of your product or service to your existing and potential consumers, you are improving your brand relationships and in turn increasing sales once executed effectively. We will work with you to develop a strong sales and marketing initiative to place your organisation in the right people’s minds. We will guide you in developing a sound marketing plan and ensuring that your time and energy are being converted into profits.

Human Resource Management

Through training and development, employee engagement, employment reviews and engaged staff selection processes; your business will thrive in organisational effectiveness. We tailor these processes to best suit your business’ needs for the best executed human resource management plan.

Operations & Technology

Effectively implemented business operations and technologies increase the productivity of your enterprise. By investing time and resources into technology as well as operational tools, you allow your business to increase efficiency and profitability, and in the longer term, lower it’s operational overhead. We work with you to source the most up-to-date technology and operations for your organisation, allowing your locations to operate in a simplified yet advanced manner.

Production Management

An integral factor in the implementation of a successful business is the influence that production management has on its processes and systems. Our business performance specialists will tailor a production management plan for your business to best run growth and success measurement tools including key performance indicators, short and long term goals and targets. We work with you to set up measurable goals and management systems that are a true indicator of your business’ success through the areas of production and fulfillment in this exciting growth period.

Financials & Capital Funding

As your business grows, so does your operational expense threshold i.e. overdraft and loan facilities and products offered by your bank, this in-turn raises a very important question of capital funding. More times than not, funding institutions can be laden with hidden costs and guarantee type requirements imposed on the business and in many cases at a personal asset level. Baybridge Advisory will work with you to re-align your capital fund and banking position, be that a reassessment of your current banking institution or where necessary making a change to where your business is better appreciated from a cost, service and support perspective.

Brand DNA & Concept

Knowing your brand’s DNA allows you to successfully position your business in the market, aim it at the right consumer, and taking the leading place in your industry. We break down your business in order to effectively position it within the marketplace. As business consultants, we work with our clients to make ideas become tangible facets of the business and develop a well-rounded business concept. The planning and forecasting stages of building a concept involve diligence and scrutiny in order to ensure the most marketable product and idea for potential and sustainable growth.

Succession Plans & Exit Plans

A succession plan determines the most effective way for you to exit the business you have developed whilst guaranteeing that your business continues to prosper. Baybridge Advisory will work collectively with you and other stakeholders to develop a sound succession plan to secure the future and ensure a smooth continuation of your business.

Operational & Tactical Planning

Tactical and operational planning are often confused for one another, and it is imperative to understand the difference in order to successfully implement them into your business’ operations. Tactical planning involves short-term steps needed to implement your long-term strategic plan. In order to meet your business’ organisational needs, we clearly outline your goals and ensure that you have in place measurable short-term methods to reach your overall purpose. Operational planning focuses on your business’ offering and the production, personnel, equipment and processes of your business. We guide you in composing an operational plan to boost your profitability through activities such as reducing variable costs.

Government Grants

Baybridge Advisory work on enhancing your business’ operations by assisting in sourcing appropriate government grants that are tailored to your enterprise’s needs.

We look at the short term and long term goals of your business and when suitable, assist you in acquiring support, either through funding or infrastructure. Once we have sourced the appropriate grant for your business, we will advise you on the necessary steps and supporting documents to ease the process for you.

A suitable grant may be available for your business in the areas of machinery, production, marketing, advanced technology, software, research and development or industry transitions.

Our team can guide and support businesses small to large in finding a suitable government grant to assist in expanding the business.

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